Travels In South America - Doug Ellis, Joana Ellis, Sebastian Reidl
Way before backpacker hostels, way before the Lonely Planet Guide, before hippies could be found living on the beach in California, before globe-trotting adventurers hitch-hiked to Kathmandu, before wandering musicians toured places with magical names like Jamaica, Amsterdam and Algiers, before motorcyclists rode all the way to Uganda or Rhodesia, before sailors migrated to Australia and then jumped ship to sweat and toil on kangaroo farms, before Thailand and Bangkok and the Far east were accessible to the British traveller, before all of this Doug Ellis took off with not much money in his pocket to explore South America and some of the remotest regions of the Amazon basin.

His journey begins in Venezuela and takes him to Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay, Brazil and a host of native Indian villages. He travels by boat, by truck and by foot, spending days walking through the rainforest actually carrying his boat.

His motivation was, I guess, to escape the uninspiring monotony of the nine-to-five existence. Ellis was searching for freedom! The freedom to breathe. The freedom to draw in a rich, deep breath and say with heart, "I am somebody!" It���s clear he wanted to march to the beat of his own drum, and was inspired to have experiences that few Europeans had ever had, returning home with stories and tales of faraway places.

This was no easy trip by any stretch of the imagination and he���s finally allowing us to understand what travel and adventure was like in the early 60���s.

I thoroughly recommend this book!