Evil Women: Deadly Women Whose Crimes Knew No Limits - John Marlowe
Groundhog Day

I got through 41% of ���Evil Women,��� and whilst it���s not really fair to offer a review without reading the full book, I was getting a little bored. These are interesting stories but all so depressingly similar that I���d just had enough. One tale seemed to float into another, and that one into the next, that whenever I put the book down I was unsure where exactly I was when picking it up again.

There are, for instance, a plethora of women who married into wealth and despite now having shed loads of money wanted their husband���s dead in order to own it all. Poison, shotguns, hired assassins, you name it, although it has to be said that the assassins hardly possessed Antonio Montana���s professionalism in Scarface. More bombed out of their heads on hard liquor and cocaine. Or - as the book concerns women who kill ��� on more than one occasion lesbian lovers.

Surprisingly there are a number of middle class, church going killers. The spur of the moment killer who finally flips after suffering years in an abusive relationship is perhaps understandable, but the calculated and pre-meditated murder by a lover of the Lord is kind of strange, and of course makes more interesting reading.

I may return to this book one day because the subject does hold a certain fascination, and a three Star rating seems a little unfair because it is compelling reading, but I honestly don���t feel I can offer this a four Star.