Hospital Beat: A Police Officer's Stories from Inside a Busy British Hospital - Jonathan Nicholas
Well, I���m kind of sad this book���s over. I mostly read on my tube journeys to and from work, and Hospital Beat has been a good companion for the last week or so.

Well done to Jonathan Nicholas for penning his memoires from life as a police officer in a fairly large UK city ��� he never discloses which one ��� and a beat large enough that a full third of it was covered by the hospital. During his ten years on the Hospital Beat Nicholas has had cause to deal with thieving cleaners, maintenance men, patients and doctors, chavs with less brains than pigeons, spotty-arsed bikers, ghosts and phantoms, potential suicides, and a flashing doctor overcome with a passion for not only parading his phallus in front of female members of staff but also ���.. well, read the book.

His writing style is pure, unapologetic and candid. He admits to unprofessional thoughts from time to time, yet describes some of the pond life he encounters on a day-to-day basis with remarkable rectitude. I particularly enjoyed the description of Pamela, the mother of big fat Mick McGough, ���Pamela was almost the same size as her son but, sadly for her, with more hair on her chin and so even less attractive.���

Nicholas��� talent for bringing humour to serious situations permeates the book, but the story on domestic violence is very different indeed. I found myself so outraged at the level of savagery that I wanted to fight my way into the book and intervene violently myself.

A very good read and one I have no hesitancy in recommending.