Alien Species Intervention Books 1-3 - J.K. Accinni
I have no hesitancy in giving this book a well-deserved 5 Star rating.

This three-part thriller has everything; love, passion, evil, beauty, and enough treacherous double-dealing to make you really, really angry. However, there is much, much more. Without throwing spoilers in there is what I can only describe as a cross-pollination of species. Plants, as we understand them, are pollinated by insects and the wind, increasing their genetic diversity. In Baby, the cross-pollination comes through healing. And we end up with what I���m tempted to refer to as hybrids.

These are truly magical stories ��� or story, however you want to view it ��� but the book comes with a warning message that perhaps the whole human race would be well advised to adhere to.

A good buy and an excellent read.