The Blood Feud - Shelley Young
Possibly the best book I���ve read this year. Without a doubt this should be a TV series. Shelley Young is an extremely talented novelist. I have nothing but admiration for those writers who can frame a plot, build a subplot followed by another subplot and then shrewdly fuse them all together, but Young does this with such style and panache! .

I say this should be a TV series because there are so many ���Oh shit��� moments that leave chapters suspended on a cliff-hanger. And just when you think the story has unfolded and offered all it has to give the roots become more profound and the reader is drawn back in again with exceptional skill.

This is the first book this year that is what I call a ���Can���t wait to get back to my book��� books.

So who would play the main characters? Without a doubt Danny Glover would play Jesse Richards. I couldn���t help but picture him throughout the book. The kind of burned-out cop bumbling cop with a lot of experience but out of his depth. Aaliyah I couldn���t help but picture as a Rihanna lookalike, especially when she sported her beautiful red afro, or perhaps Diana Ross in the 70���s. I���m aware Aaliyah is white, born to black parents, but in my mind I pictured her as black and couldn���t shake the image. So Rihanna could play her.

Tom Cruise would be ideal to play Dardian Dreshaj ���.. if he were a little taller, so perhaps George Clooney would work.

Either way, I absolutely loved this book. It���s a real skill to write a murderer that the reader likes. I don���t want to be a spoiler, so I won���t say more except that I thoroughly recommend this book.