Caught in the Crossfire - Glenn Lanohr
Well that was a bit weird. At 52% through the book it suddenly ended, stopped, finished. Just like that. No warning at all. That was it.

Next we had the copyright bit and then it moved straight into another book entitled ���How to make prison weapons to survive a gang war in prison: Life on lockdown,��� which fortunately I hadn���t bought otherwise I���d have been a bit cheesed off.

The first book was quite good, up until it just stopped, but the second book, which was a continuation of the first book, was pretty much of a muchness. Bit boring really.

So you get two books for the price of one. Only you don���t really, of course, because there���s only one story in the two books. I dread to think there���s a third book somewhere where everyone���s locked in cells shouting at each other and arguing with Mexicans and making weapons and well ���. locked in cells.

Langohr���s ripping the reader off here. All of this could have been in one book. The first book���s 162 pages long and the second book���s 92 pages and then that also just stops. No finale, no finish, no story end, just Langohr addressing a group of skinheads and Nazis and we���ve no idea what happened next.

The last book I read about these very same prisons was 392 pages long and the story came full circle. One book, one story, what a concept!