PhebeB's Twitter Experience - Phebe Bodelle
The author claims this book isn���t a technical manual for Twitter, and to a certain extent that���s true. However whilst it might not be a ���technical��� manual as such, Phebe Bodelle clarifies how to use Twitter ��� and specifically how to use Twitter to market books ��� in layman���s terms.

She touches on the social etiquette, the formalities and the unwritten codes of conduct, but more than this she explains very clearly about three subjects; Tweets, Retweets and Followers. Simple as that.

Phebe is honest about her own experiences, what���s worked and what hasn���t, what the expectations are and the amount of time that���s necessary to put in.

For a newcomer to Twitter this short booklet is necessary reading. I personally disagree with some of Phebe���s assumptions in that I���m not too sure Twitter does sell books, but I feel it���s vital for networking, and that in itself is an integral part of selling books. That doesn���t make me right and Phebe wrong; it���s just how we���ve found it.

If you���ve ever wondered about Twitter, yet until now not fancied having a go at it because you don���t really understand how it all works, but in the back of your mind you���re aware that a lot of people use it (645 million tweeting 58 million times a day, with 135,000 newbies signing up daily) and you���re kind of thinking, ���Hmmm, could I use this to increase sales of my own product,��� then this is the book for you.