Discovered - E.D. Brady
An original storyline

This is a deserving 4 Star, even if it does take quite a while to get down to the actual plot. What makes this book so readable is that the characters are so nice. They remind me of that crowd in the George Michael video when they all head up to spend Christmas in a big house in the snow. Every single one of them are super looking, they never stop smiling (even when doing the dishes), they���re never hung-over, and they all obviously love each other���s company.

The characters in Discovered ��� the goodies at least ��� remind of these. What caught me completely unawares ��� and this isn���t a spoiler - was to discover that Joey and Issy are black!! Following the initial description of Joey as ���a tall, dark-skinned young man��� and Issy as ���a beautiful dark-skinned girl��� I envisioned both of them to have swarthy, Mediterranean complexions. Perhaps there was a hint when we learn that Issy has dark ringlets hanging just off her shoulders, but I didn���t pick up on. Even when we discover they���re black I still couldn���t shake the image of Mediterranean looking people. This threw me a little bit.

But the story���s well-written, the plot is excellent; No, better than excellent, enthralling. Just my kind of thing, and I would enjoy reading more of the main protagonist���s story. A Discovered Part Two that focused on their story would be great.

Well done to E.D. Brady for dreaming up such an engaging, compelling and even thought-provoking tale. It���s exceedingly rare nowadays to discover such an original storyline, but we find one here. The book held my attention and I thoroughly recommend it.