Amber and Blue - K.R. Rowe
Do you now what? I really enjoyed this book.

There is so much diversity in here, with the combination of a powerful love triangle, amnesia, danger, betrayal, violent lunacy, a psychopathic bad guy and a fascinatingly original storyline that I don���t want to say anything about for fear of throwing in a spoiler.

Recently I���ve been making every effort to read a diverse selection of books and a number of the more romantic ones cast the male ���hero��� as having eyes like deep blue pools, a body to die for, perfect skin, and a six-pack to make Zac Ephron jealous. (Actually I���ve no idea who Zac Ephron is, but he���s the first name who came up when I googled celebrity six-packs). It gets so boring.

Amber and Blue, however, avoids this stereotyping altogether, doesn���t dwell or even mention Alex���s six-pack, but focuses more on his torment and the fact that he���s a thoroughly decent bloke. You can���t help but like Alex and Grace, or their friends Matt and Lydia, and this makes for a much better read.

K.R. Rowe is also a very good writer, who has no doubt learned and practiced her trade. You can actually feel Alex���s anguish.

The only person I���d like to know more about is the villain turned romantic, Lucien. We���re offered hints into his past, little tit-bits if you like, but that���s about all. He���s a villain who���s been a spy, yet has a decent side to him ���. kind of. I���d like to read Lucien���s story.

All in all, this is a bloody good read and I have no hesitation in recommending it.