Babylon: Rise Of The New Age (The Jessie James Chronicles) - Janie Storer, Amie Storer
In desperate need of a proofread

Most books have a few typos, and it���s an easy mistake to make when you re-read something you���ve written to miss these because the writer knows what he/she is meaning to say. A friend of mine recently published a book and was astounded, but grateful, when I pointed out a dozen typos. Babylon, however, has glaring grammatical mistakes on every single page. It reached the stage when instead of reading the story - which in actual fact is quite good - I was counting to see how many lines I could manage without a serious grammatical error jumping out at me. I rarely got past six on each page.

I am simply astounded that an author could allow a book in this state to be published, and can���t get my head around what she was thinking. Reading her bio we find the bizarre situation whereby 11 of the first 12 sentences begin with the word ���She,��� indicating how little thought has gone into this.

The poor punctuation, speech patterns starting in lower case, lack of possessive apostrophes, upper case letters strewn randomly into the middle of sentences and, let���s be honest, general carelessness in morphology make this a very unpleasant read.

In desperate need of a professional proofread.