Bad Billy - Jimmy Pudge
Well ���. What just happened? Did I just read that?

Er ���.. This book kind of kicks off with a story and JUST GOES FRIGGING MAD!!!!

Pudge has a talent, but at the moment it���s a wild demon, riding all the way to hell on the back of a screaming, three-headed skeleton that���s coked out of its three skulls.

If you could lasso Pudge���s talent, bang it up for a year in a bear cage right in the middle of a lunatic asylum and have psychotic maniacs throw concepts and theories and forms at it, and after a year take a million Jimmy Pudges and a million typewriters and throw them into the bear cage along with the brainchild of all the crazed, schizoid psychos, and lock the million Jimmy Pudges up for another year with their million typewriters and give them nothing to eat but ghosts and demons and banshees and instruct them to ���.. type.

If you could do that, you might, just might, come up with a story that glues itself together.

I would not like to be inside Jimmy Pudge���s head in the dark hours of the night when phantoms are abroad. They would be no match for him!