How To Sell A Gazillion eBooks In No Time - Russell Blake
Brilliantly insincere - I loved it!

Hahahaha, Russell Blake is brutally insincere with all the scruples of a hungry pride of lions. I loved it! People reviewing my own books either `get' me or don't, and I often suspect those who don't are affronted because they can see themselves in the writing. Blake is the same. He is an absolute piss taker who I suspect bases his own role model on the likes of Tony Robbins, Ziggy Ziglar and Pete Doherty.

HOWEVER, there is no doubt that if you were following Russell's advice to the letter you would certainly sell a gazillion e-books ..... possibly more.

I'm also given to understand that it was Blake's father who wrote the best-seller `How to Pick up More Girls' in the early seventies, so he comes with good credibility. This is a MUST BUY for all self-published authors, writers, scribblers, bloggers, song-writers and spin-doctors alike.