Ford At Valverde - Anita Melillo
A remarkable, beautifully-written tale.

Ford at Valverde is truly one of those can't-wait-to-get-back-to-my-book books. Not since reading John Steinbeck have I mourned the loss of characters when the book came to an end, and I just can't wait to read more work by this talented writer.

I am really impressed with Anita Melillo. Ford at Valverde is a superb novel, made all the finer by Anita's exquisite writing style. She epitomises what every struggling scribbler is attempting to create when they attend a `creative writing' course and have been set exercises to complete before they go back to the scout hall or Fuchsia's house next Tuesday to read their pieces to the group. Anita however, has cracked it!

This is a charming novel. I am totally in awe of the manner in which she draws the reader in, brings to life the various settings in which we find the protagonist and crams so much into one novel without making it seem overcrowded. We've got romance, we've got the horror of hand-to-hand fighting during the civil war, we've got Indian camps and most importantly we've got `family' as the main theme running through the book.

A remarkable, beautifully-written tale that had me captivated from the first sentence.

Do yourself a favour, download a copy now