Choices - Carole McKee
This book captured me.

Right I'd like to make something perfectly clear first of all; if anyone saw me on the train to work reading `Choices' and looking like I was welling up ..... I wasn't. I'd just pulled a hair out of nose, that's all, okay? Wasn't crying!

Now that we've cleared that up, I'd also like to state that I'm not a real big Romance reader. The Romance genre isn't my first choice of book. But this bloody story captured me. And it just gets better and better!

I don't wish to spoil the story but full marks to Carole McKee for not only addressing a number of sensitive issues but having the insight to look at them from both sides of the coin. McKee forces you to make judgements and then breaks down the barriers by impressing upon the reader to see things in a different light.

If I say any more, it'll reveal certain plot elements that I don't wish to, but please allow me to finish by saying I think you'll find the story of Ricky and Lindy quite addictive. This story should DEFINITELY be made into a film, or even a TV series.

Do yourselves a favour; click the `Buy' button above. You won't regret it