The Tree in the Front Yard - Kimberly J. Biller
An endearing tale.

In 1884 Mark Twain penned just about the greatest novel in American history from the mind-set of an illiterate 13-year-old boy, and while he was at it managed to write all 43 chapters entirely in rural colloquialism. This was no mean feat, yet Huck Finn reads as though Twain wrote it in a couple of spare weekends.

Well not since then have I come across a story that sounds in our ears with the colloquial voice of unembellished truth as does `The Tree in the Front Yard.'

Sissy views the grown-up world around her - including the `floozie' Janice next door - from a child's perspective, yet somehow manages to look down on all of them from the safety of her tree in the front yard. She then has the audacity to light a fire under her mother's backside and sit there and watch the proceedings.

A lovely story. I wanted more