Lily's Reprieve (Blackstone Trilogy, #1) - Niki Savage
The Storyline gets Better and Better.

I want to give this a 5 star but I just can't because there are two storylines here. The first one being a an unlikely love affair between Aiden and Lily, and I found myself skipping over these scenes. Aiden's the best looking, the wealthiest, has the largest penis and can go all night. Lily's a spoilt schoolgirl and as much as I tried I just couldn't like her ..... Or fancy her.

Without being a spoiler, Aiden's a lot older than she is and I failed to comprehend why he's so attracted to her. I equate it to a drop-dead gorgeous MILF - who's minted by the way - being irresistibly attracted to a spotty Chav from a council estate.

However, the REAL storyline is fantastic! Without giving away too many secrets the main plot concerns Aiden's ability to see and read people's auras, and the kind of psychic cannibalism that occurs when people use their auras to control and influence others, empowering their own auras and weakening the other person's.

I found Aiden's narrative very addictive. His story was superb and I'm sure I would have enjoyed the book more if it were based solely on this. Savage is a great writer, and I would love to read a book of hers based on, say, reincarnation or maybe extra terrestrials.

Excellent stuff. Just less of the lovey-dovey stuff next time