The Starbirth Assignment Part Two: Transmutes - J.M. Johnson
J.M. Johnson has done it again!

`Transmutes' the 2nd in `The Starbirth Assignment' series is non-stop action, but unlike a lot of authors Johnson somehow manages a cross-genre style of writing. She writes sci-fi with her feet firmly planted on the ground. You've got Special Services, the SAS, MI5 and I don't know who else battling drug barons in Central America, but both have use of cutting edge weapons and technology enabling their `operatives' to transmute, teleport and even use their pheromones at will.

This last brings another dimension into the story with the beautiful Cheena whose "leather-look jacket revealed a generous cleavage that was way too close for comfort," and the evil Maria, who is somehow very appealing, despite the fact she can kill with her bare hands. My favourite soldier, Jimmy, feels an almost overwhelming desire to "take her in the hut, grab hold of her breasts ..... rip off those stupid tight jeans ...." Well, perhaps we should draw the curtain of decency over the rest of that scene.

A well-deserved 5 Star. Keep on churning them out, J.M. I can't wait to read the next in the series