The Great Empty: A Novel - Anita Melillo
I LOVED this book! I read it whilst my own son, admittedly a few years older than Donovan, was spending a month in Central America, so I held off on my review for a while. There must be about 7000 miles distance between the two, but the Outback can be just as savage and untamed as Nicaragua or Costa Rica, and it is this endemic, indigenous beauty that Anita Melillo chronicles so well.

I think she's a marvel. Her writing is at times that of a vivid poem that captures the imagination completely, portraying the artistry of the landscape with a rare talent. Add to that the adventure of a young boy lost and alone, tracked by the evil Swagman, helped by the Aborigine boy, and the whole fable comes together in a rite of passage to manhood that is compelling and complete.

Whatever happens, this writer needs to keep on churning them out