Trouble Triangle - Travis Casey
This really is quite an engaging storyline, and I found myself strangely drawn to Tyler, mainly because he's such an arse. The characters are cleverly drawn and there's an alluring appeal to the main three protagonists, although I have to admit to finding Holly the hardest to like, which I suspect is a clever device employed by Travis Casey.

I applauded Tyler's efforts to get his life in order, admired his `no scruples' attitude to life, marvelled at his ability to juggle relationships and loved his mixed up view of his women. Are they sluts, tramps, harlots or are they pure Madonna? Either way, I found myself wondering if this story is more autobiographical that the author cares to admit.

I loved Holly's dad, who is totally nuts, but if you're wealthy you can be forgiven for being nuts, right? He added comedy at just the right moment.

An easy-to-read, captivating book. I highly recommend it, and will be looking for more from this talented author