A Flash of Teenage Angst - Baldassare Cossa

I could actually feel myself getting more stupid by the second just reading this shit.

Whoever Baldassare Cossa is - the Lord of Sodom according to his author profile - he surely can't be more than 14 years of age. I don't think he's 16 or 17 yet, he's obviously still at school.

I did finish the whole book because I kind of thought it was going to go somewhere. But it didn't. It just carries on with the same type of nonsense it starts with, and that's it. There's not even any story to it.

And I couldn't tell whether Baptistown was supposed to be in the USA or the UK. The book mentions dollars as a method of payment, but speaks in British slang. Who cares anyway?

Utter rubbish!

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