Terminal Rage - A.M. Khalifa

A very, very good book.

Initially, I wasn't looking forward to reading this, I don't know why, but I absolutely loved it. There are so many twists that it's hard to give an honest review without throwing spoilers in, which I have no intention of doing.

The story jumps all over the globe, but wherever Khalifa takes us we're straight into the action. This is a book that holds your attention and I thoroughly recommend it because the reader won't second guess how this story pans out. All is not as it seems.

So why only a 4 Star? Because it jumps around chronologically and that's a bit confusing. This shouldn't put a prospective reader off but it is annoying. Khalifa starts each chapter with the date, but this isn't helpful at all because the reader can't remember the date from the previous chapter, or the one before that, and especially the one before that.

This is very frustrating. It doesn't spoil the story, but I hope Khalifa won't use this technique in future books.

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