Donavan: From Michael Bunker's World of  - D.K. Cassidy

Quite a remarkable novelette,

This book blends the calm, hard-working yet peaceful existence of the Amish community with futuristic travel to other worlds.

You can't help but like Donavan. He loves his cow, he loves a girl and yet he decides to leave both for a nine-month spell in the city, knowing he won't be coming back. From here he travels to New Pennsylvania, a journey of nine light years but during which he ages just one week without a second's thought for his parents back in the Amish community of horse and carts and barn building and milking cows. I'm not being flippant. This really is quite endearing.

What makes this work is the excellent writing style employed by Cassidy. She entices the reader to her story with the manner in which she relates to the reader, revealing not only her personality and her voice, but also the respect she has for the audience. Indeed, this conceptual writing style moulds the overall character of this work.

The story is about an illegal alien, disappearing into a family network set up decades (or maybe generations) ago, yet tugging at the edge of my consciousness I can't help but wonder if there isn't a hidden depth to the book, a buried metaphor if you like, that is just out of grasping distance. This is a very clever book, written in an honest style, and I would implore readers to buy a copy. You won't regret it.

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