Rebellious Slave - Billierosie

I don't know what it takes for a book to become a bestseller. I don't know how '50 Shades of Grey' ever became so popular. My wife said it was crap. And judging by the 6363 one Star reviews it's received in America alone, there are at least 6363 people who agree with her.

Rebellious Slave is much, much better. For starters the writing's far superior, and there's actually a plot. Billierosie has created an excellent piece of fiction here, tipping the whole theme of the dominatrix on its head and taking it to the extreme. And bizarrely I loved it!

Not since 'Venus in Furs' has the sadomasochistic role of the female dominant / submissive male been explored so eloquently, for this male is unconditionally accommodating. There's no switch here, nor any hint of it. The male is totally submissive, spending his whole life in sexual servitude.

A top read!

"Strike dear Mistress and cure his heart"

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