The Village Idiots Ebay Club - Charlie Bray

Rohypnol for EBay Users

This is a cracking little read, and I even noticed I was chuckling away to myself a couple of times.

I've often woke up in the cold light of day casually wondering what my 'drunk self' bought my 'sober self' the night before, figuring I'll discover that in a few days. Well, in this book we follow the confessions of a group of self-imposed e-bay habitué, who are not just recreational EBay users, but are actually mainlining the online auction site.

The book follows an e-bay idiot's meeting in which members have to stand up in front of all present, admit they're an idiot and confess to their latest EBay acquisition. There's slight confusion here because everything's written in the first person, but once you get used to this its fun reading. The author has considered the characters well, ensuring there's a fine pot-pourri of personalities, one of whom even reminded me of Flash Harry from St Trinians.

The finale finds the club members setting off on a pilgrimage home in an EBay-acquired double-decker bus.


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