Whiskey Rebellion - Liliana Hart

A Mediocre Book

This is such a shame, because there was no reason for this book to be so mediocre. I liked the character - she reminds me of someone I know - and I felt the plot was a good one. She starts of as an inexperienced and none too impressive stripper, so there's comedy there right from the start. However, despite the fact that I consider myself to be a man of the world I had no idea what a 'bustier' was or indeed 'pasties.' I assumed 'pasties' was a euphemism for her pale boobs but they're apparently decorative coverings for a stripper's nipples, so she's not exactly much of a stripper.

A 'bustier' by the way is a close-fitting strapless top worn by women in 1970's.

And this is what spoiled the book for me, in that the author uses ridiculous 'fillers' to bulk it out instead of cracking on with the storyline. We learn that large women shouldn't wear horizontal stripes, that Rose Marie has permed blonde hair, that Addison is wearing a short black skirt, a George Michael tank top that says FAITH in hot pink glitter, a pair of flip flops and an oversized straw hat and that Kate's wearing a pinstripe suit and sensible flat shoes.

We then learn that Addison has a 1950's wool day dress with a flared skirt and a thin black belt in her closet. WOW! How fascinating is that? I found myself forgetting about the plot, interested only in what else Addison kept in her closet, but I was distracted from these thoughts because Addison "skipped the pantyhose, slipped on a pair of three-inch strappy sandals, grabbed a pink rain slicker (that's a raincoat), and shoved a bunch of Kleenex in her coat pockets."

Do you see what I mean by 'fillers'? An absolutely useless paragraph that serves no purpose whatsoever apart from bulking out the book.

It gets worse. We have to endure a shopping trip to look for a dress for a hot date. She finds a suitable dress, by the way, but is advised by Rose Marie that it would look better with Spanx. Another word I had to look up. It's some kind of a corset or girdle, I think, with a pee hole that ...... Oh, what do I know? Anyway, who cares? It's got absolutely nothing to do with the plot.

Hang on, is there a plot? I haven't the faintest idea. I gave up at that stage. I just couldn't bear it any longer. I honestly couldn't care less what Addison was going to wear next, or Nick for that matter, or Kate, or Rose Marie, or anyone. I was unprepared to fight my way through all these fillers just to get to a plot ...... If there was one.

The author, by the way, prides herself on enjoying contact with her readers. I don't think so. I started following her on Twitter but she couldn't be bothered to follow back, which is unprofessional and rude. She has 5681 followers, and is following just 917 people, meaning that she only follows back about 17% of her fan base, so not exactly making too much of an effort to connect with her readership.

I'd give this book a miss.

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