The Trouble With Celebrity: The World According To Charlie (Laugh Out Loud Comedy) - Charlie Bray

"Chris and Gwyn Split"

This was the front page headline in The Sun yesterday, coincidentally the day I finished reading 'The Trouble with Celebrity' and set down to pen this review. It was devastating news and I was unable to focus on the book I'd just read. I imagine most people in the free world felt the same. Indeed when I arrived at work and entered the canteen I was met by several dozen groundworkers, scaffolders, tower crane drivers and Romanian steel fixers, all looking at me in stunned silence. It's no exaggeration to say that more than one tear landed in a plate of eggs, bacon, sausages, beans, mushrooms, black pudding, bubble & squeak, hash browns, chips and half a tomato.

All other concerns such as family worries, money worries, car worries, which of the Big 6 to choose, the impending war between Russia and Ukraine, where to go on holiday in the summer, and even West Ham's chances of avoiding the drop pale into insignificance. Chris and Gwyn, I just can't believe it.

We work on a large London development and share the site with two other Principal Contractors, so I estimate there are possibly 1000 blokes on site, all practically speechless in shock. I myself was absolutely floored. I even thought about suggesting we fly a black flag and close the site for day, because it was clear not much work would get done.

My wife phoned about ten o'clock with the simple question, "Have you heard?"

I choked back a tear and was just able to assert a weak, "Yes," before putting the phone down.

I'd intended to write a review appraising Charlie Bray's book, adding something about the humour value of a good heartfelt and passionate rant about celebrities and the trivialities of their insignificant and meaningless lives, but I'm afraid my heart's just not in it.

Glenn and Gwyn. Who would have thought it?

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